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Black 2.0 Magnetic Particle Testing Yoke

Specifications Details Product Download Brochure
Meets and exceeds the following specifications:
ASTM E709, ASTM E1444,
Weight: 5.5lbs
Voltage: 220V
HZ: 50Hz
Duty Cycle: <30 sec.on, 30 sec. off
Electromagnetic Strength: 4.5kg at 50-100mm spacing
Black 2.0 Magnetic Particle Testing Yoke Download Brochure

Blower Bulbs

Description Product
Easily puffs air to blow away loose particles not being held by a flux leakage. Blower Bulbs

Powder Bulbs

Description Product
Powder bulbs are used to apply magnetic dry powders evenly over the surface of a part that is being magnetically inspected using the dry method. Powder Bulbs

Flux Indicator Strips

Description Product
For use with high permeability ferro magnetic parts. Flux Indicator Strips

Magnetic Penetrameter

Description Product
An octagonal shaped indicator made up of 8 segments, one side is covered by a shim. Magnetic Penetrameter

Test Bar

Description Product
Provides for the calibration and certification of Magnetic Particle Inspection Yokes. Test Bar

Magnetic Field Indicator

Description Product
Pocket size magnetometers used to detect residual magnetism after demagnetising. Magnetic Field Indicator

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Description Product Download Brochure
TYPE 2000 MSC - This card is recognized as a tool for evaluation of fluorescent weth method baths in ASTM E709-01 "Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Examination", Paragraph 20.6.8 and Appendix X4; as well as in ASTM E-1444-05 "Standard Practice for Magnetic Particle Testing", Appendix X7.3. Magnetic Stripe Cards Download Brochure

Reference Block Type 1 (MTU-3)

Description Product Download Brochure
The Reference Block is a permanently magnetized steel disc containing coarse and fine cracks that have been induced onto the surface through a special treatment. The surface is then ground and coated. The disc is used to test the performance of the magnetic particle materials and lighting environment being used and to check the sensitivity of the materials on a daily basis for material degradation and/or bath contamination.

A reference photograph accompanies the Reference Block so the existing bath can be compared to indications from an optimum system.
Reference Block Type 1 (MTU-3) Download Brochure