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Metal Cutting Fluids for the Manufacturing Industry
Callington offers a new and innovative range of high performance synthetic and semi synthetic metal cutting fluids, designed to meet your machining and environmental requirements.

Our products are designed to be easy to manage, so that you can focus on your core business. Improved cycle times and enhanced tool life, facilitated by our high performance and low foam technology, cutting downtime and tooling costs, are part of the picture. Cleaner machines and components means a cleaner working environment and less cleaning. Bacteria resistant technology reduces odour problems and reduces coolant degradation, providing longer coolant life, which means less waste fluid that needs to be disposed of or treated.

Designed for use with modern high speed, high coolant pressure, machining technology, our aim is simple – to increase your productivity and to cut your coolant related costs.

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  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Synthetics
  • SYN30: Fully synthetic grinding & machining fluidPDF Download
  • SYN990: General Purpose, multi metal, synthetic metalworking fluidPDF Download
  • Semi Synthetics
  • XP2000: High oil semi synthetic multi-purpose fluidPDF Download
  • XP6000: High Performance Semi Synthetic Metalworking CoolantPDF Download
  • AL1500: High oil semi synthetic for Aluminium AlloysPDF Download
  • GX 360: High Performance EP Semi Synthetic Metalworking CoolantPDF Download
  • GX200: Premium Semi Synthetic Metal Working CoolantPDF Download
  • Solubles
  • CalCool S1: General Purpose Soluble Metal Working FluidPDF Download
  • CalCool S4: High Performance Soluble Metal Working FluidPDF Download

Metal Cutting Fluid

Cutting fluid is a type of coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking processes such as stamping and machining. Callington can supply all metal cutting fluids including neat cutting fluid, neat cutting oil, grinding fluid, metal machining fluid, metalworking coolant, tapping fluid and metal grinding fluid.