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Changes in fuel requirements, whether it be the increasing biofuel content, higher demand for premium fuels, or more stringent emissions control, means new challenges for the industry.

Whatever the challenge, Callington's Rox® Range of Fuel Additives has the solution.

Callington has been providing innovative fuel additive solutions to Asia and Australia for over 40 years. All additives are designed to provide a direct benefit. Whether it be the quality of fuel in Storage, Transport or at the Pump we provide solutions that will result in reduced maintenance and downtime, better quality fuels, more satisfied customers and better fuel economy.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Diesel
  • Roxdiesel Antifreeze: Pour Point & Cold Filter Plugging Point DepressantPDF Download
  • ROX® 2900: Diesel Lubricity ImproverPDF Download
  • ROX® 9300C: Premium Diesel Fuel Additive (Concentrate Available)PDF Download
  • ROX® 1600: Water in Fuel Emulsifier & Treatment (Concentrate Available)PDF Download
  • ROX® 9300: Complete Diesel Fuel TreatmentPDF Download
  • ROX® 4300: Diesel Fuel BiocidePDF Download
  • Petrol
  • ROX® 8100: Concentrated Octane Boost TechnologyPDF Download
  • ROX® 8200: Non-Metallic Octane Boost TechnologyPDF Download
  • ROX® 9400: Petrol Storage Tank TreatmentPDF Download

Fuel Additives, Diesel Antifreeze

Fuel additives are compounds formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of the fuels. Callington's range of fuel additives include fuel antifreeze and fuel treatment chemicals including diesel cold flow additives, diesel cold flow improvers and diesel fuel additives.