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Fuel Additives » Marine

More stringent emissions regulations and the lowering of sulphur fuel limits are resulting in direct challenges for Ship Owners and Marine Engineers. Fuel related problems such as sludge, low lubricity, bacterial contamination, corrosion and waxing can cause serious harm to your engines and result in immense time and cost implications. Whether your engines are running on Heavy Fuel Oils or Marine Distillates, we understand the challenges that are being faced and are able to assist mitigate these through the use of our Rox products.

Callington has a long history in International shipping, having successfully serviced the Asian and Australian markets with our additives for over 40 years. Being a family owned business operating in a global market, we treat each of our partners in business with the respect they deserve, providing tailored and direct solutions.

Our Rox® Range of Marine Fuel Additives reduce maintenance and downtime, improve performance and reliability and most importantly provides an economic and environmental return on investment.

For further information or to speak with one of our technical team members please contact us.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • HFO
  • ROX® MF 9500: Complete HFO TreatmentPDF Download
  • ROX® MF 5900: Asphaltene DispersantPDF Download
  • ROX® MF 3900: Pour Point Depressant for Residual HFOPDF Download
  • MGO
  • ROX® MF 9300C: Complete MGO Treatment (Includes Cetane Improver)PDF Download
  • ROX® MF 2900: ULSMGO Lubricity ImproverPDF Download
  • ROX® MF 3800: Pour Point Depressant for Distillate MGOPDF Download
  • Hybrid ULSFO
  • ROX® MF 1600: Water in Fuel Emulsifier & Treatment (Concentrate Available)PDF Download
  • ROX® MF 3350: Pour Point Depressant for Hybrid ULSFOPDF Download
  • IMO Approved Tank Cleaners
  • ROX®CARE AC80SL: Alkali Tank & Pipe CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX®CARE MC 2600: Tank CleanerPDF Download