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Fuel Additives » Auto Aftermarket & Car Care

Callington Haven have partnered with some of the most reputable companies in the Aftermarket to provide a technically superior range of products to both fix and prevent common engine & fuel problems, and provide products for improved performance.

Callington has been in the Aftermarket industry for over 40 years and has a unique understanding of the technologies and issues facing the industry and the end users.

We are constantly innovating as the automotive market changes and innovates also.

Long term partnership and working together to tackle industry specific issues is how we ensure steady growth for our partners in business.

Callington also have a diverse range of car care products that are available upon request.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Auto Aftermarket
  • ROX® 110 AG: Catalytic Converter CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 215 AG: Petrol Decarb Canister FluidPDF Download
  • ROX® 210 AG: Diesel Decarb Canister FluidPDF Download
  • ROX® 220 AG: Diesel Decarb Tank FluidPDF Download
  • ROX® 230 AG: Engine FlushPDF Download
  • ROX® 240 AG: ATF FlushPDF Download
  • ROX® 250 AG: Power Steering FlushPDF Download
  • ROX® 2100 AG: Complete Diesel Fuel Treatment & BoosterPDF Download
  • ROX® 2105 AG: Petrol Injector CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 2106 AG: Combustion Chamber CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 2107 AG: Series 500 Intake Valve CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 2110 AG: Diesel Injector CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 2200 AG: Fuel System CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 8100 AG: Concentrated Octane Fuel System CleanerPDF Download
  • ROX® 9300 AG: Complete Diesel Fuel TreatmentPDF Download
  • Car Care
  • ROX®CARE 230: FleetwashPDF Download
  • ROX®CARE 231: TruckwashPDF Download
  • ROX®CARE 250: Tyre ShinePDF Download
  • ROX®CARE 251: Non-Silicon Water Based Tyre ShinePDF Download
  • ROX®CARE 280: Windscreen Cleaner ConcentratePDF Download