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Aerospace Insecticides & Inflight Products

Callington Haven manufactures and distributes a range of aviation inflight products to over 100 airlines around the world including aircraft disinsection and hygiene products. Our products are specifically designed to ensure compliance with aviation standards, while maintaining high performance and cost efficiency.

Our range includes World Health Organisation and Australian/New Zealand Quarantine compliant aircraft insecticides and aircraft disinsection sprays, air fresheners and disinfectants, as well as a range of personal care and speciality cleaning products.

Many of the products have been tested to comply with Boeing and Airbus standards and are available from a number of distribution points globally.

Please refer to our contacts page for your nearest contact, or see below for our complete range of products as well as the Technical Data Sheets.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • 1-Shot: Cargo hold insecticidePDF Download
  • Prespray: Pre-embarkation aircraft insecticidePDF Download
  • Top of Descent: Aircraft insecticide for use in aircraft cabinsPDF Download
  • Aerosafe: Convenient 40g aircraft insecticidePDF Download
  • Airez: Residual aircraft insecticidePDF Download
  • AIRCRAFT Inflight
  • Fresh & Clean Spray: 3 in 1 air-freshener, cleaner and disinfectantPDF Download
  • Fresh & Clean Inflight Wipes: Anti-Static, Refresher, Surface Cleaner & Anti-Bacterial WipesPDF Download
  • Fresh & Clean Deodorant Disc: Aircraft Deodorant DiscPDF Download
  • Fresh & Clean Hand Soap: Anti-Bacterial & Moisturising Hand SoapPDF Download
  • Fresh & Clean Foaming Hand Soap: Cleansing and Refreshing Liquid Foaming Hand SoapPDF Download
  • Aircraft Gum & Ink Remover: Ready to use liquid based gum & ink removerPDF Download
  • Toilet Cleaning Kit: Cleaning kit for aircraft lavatoriesPDF Download
  • Hygiene Kit: Inflight cleaning for cabin crewPDF Download
  • Emergency Cleaning Kit: Cleaning kit for travel sickness and emergency incidentsPDF Download
  • Universal Precaution Kit: Precaution kit recommended by IATA and ICAO for use in aircraft cabinsPDF Download
  • Novogel: Alcohol free antibacterial hand gelPDF Download
  • Novogel AB: Antibacterial hand gelPDF Download
  • Goldsafe: Approved gold cleanerPDF Download
  • Aircraft Carpet Cleaner: Superior Cleaner + Odour RemoverPDF Download
  • Aircraft Leather Cleaner: Cleans + Protects + NourishesPDF Download
  • Aircraft Oven Cleaner: Convenient + Streak FreePDF Download
  • Aircraft Glass Cleaner: Convenient + Streak Free Formula PDF Download
  • Aircraft Interior Cleaner: High Performance Surface Cleaner PDF Download

Callington Blog Articles

  • Preventing the spread of Zika Fever with Zika Virus Aircraft Insecticide

    Aircraft Disinsection

    International aircraft are disinsected to help protect countries from potential diseases and harmful pests. Aircraft disinsection requirements are based on World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. Countries around the world routinely carry out disinsection to prevent the inadvertent introduction of species that may harm agriculture. Our Aerospace insecticides and inflight products provide clean and safe solutions for airline disinsection including aircraft pesticides for complete airplane disinsection.